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Welcome to DigiFY HUB, a complete Digital Marketing Agency at heart.

With the onset of digital, the marketing topology has changed forever. Content, design, structure, vocabulary, keywords, images, headings, subheadings, tags, meta tags and various other elements of your communications are to be technically compliant with search engines and associated technologies.

Your customer is not just a number or a persona, you can identify and characterize each user by a hundred parameters, if not more. You are empowered with more and more data all the time to help you make precise decisions and offer targeted products and information


Digital marketing is the new normal

Search engine optimization techniques help you be remain compliant with search engine rules and be found when your customers are searching for you online. Free and paid tools help you analyze your competition easily and navigate your markets more efficiently. Website audits help you identify the gaps and vulnerabilities in your content and design. Analytics provide you with data on who is visiting your website and a host of other geographical and behavioural patterns.

With our evolved digital marketing platform, you gain full control over all your marketing components. You can measure, monitor and manage your marketing campaigns, lead generation processes, sales automation opportunities, content management strategies, user experiences and much more.

Our rigorous website audits help you identify the gaps and vulnerabilities in your content and design. Analytics provide you with data on who is visiting your website and a host of other geographical and behavioural patterns.

Responsive Design

Design once, run on any device

It is imperative in today’s mobile world, to have websites that can fit into any device and any form. We help you create responsive websites that would delight your customers, partners and employees. Whether it is a desktop, laptop, tab or mobile, your web presence is equally effective and navigation is ever intuitive. Overall user experience makes your customers trust your brand and experience.

Search Engine Optimization

Improve your search engine ranking continuously

Your websites and other online properties need to meet the standards and methods employed by search engines. We ensure that your web properties are compliant with search engine best practices. We keep track of search engine developments and research and continuously monitor and measure the performance of your websites as per such requirements. We employ legitimate techniques to improve your website rankings.

Content Marketing

Maintain continuous customer communication

What you say or do today becomes irrelevant tomorrow. The market dynamics are changing so fast and so frequently. Your prospects, customers and consumers need information to help them succeed. We help you analyze what information is needed at what time, strategize and develop such information products, and orchestrate the distribution of content over different channels to targeted audiences.

Sales and Marketing Automation

Analyze and automate your buyers journey

Last few years have witnessed a large number of automation projects in the field of sales and marketing. This is an indication of the amount of change the business world is experiencing. Automation across marketing and sales processes is a number one priority in many companies, since the advent of digital. Choosing the appropriate technology is of paramount importance. We provide strategic and tactical advice on the automation landscape and the opportunities for successful implementations.

Technology and Programming

Technology is the back bone of digital marketing

Technology is always in a state of flux. Mobile, Big Data, Analytics, Social, and Cloud technologies are the new platforms of business. Digi5 provides you the technical resources, the programming knowledge and people expertise to make your digital marketing projects a success.

About Digi5

Digital marketing and online advertising services

The Digi5 team has more than three decades of marketing technology experience. Our group of researchers, strategy formulators, visual designers, content developers, software programmers, digital scientists and techno-marketing professionals work to give you the marketing edge. Marketing is more technology now, than ever before. Without a combination of art and design, science and technology, advertising and marketing is incomplete. We work as your extended team and make your ideas come to reality. Digital marketing is a continuously evolving profession and we keep you ahead of the game.


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